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STD Dating Site Reviews
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Top STD Dating Sites

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The biggest ethical question that singles with STD's face when they go out on a date is- when do I have “The talk”? Should you be up front and start your first date with a confession or do you wait till you develop feelings for a person before you disclose that you have an STD.

With 70 million people living with STDs in the U.S. alone, as well as an estimated 400 million people worldwide, there is a new niche of dating sites that cater specifically to those infected with STDs. Most STD dating sites have a simple sign up process where you have to state what STD you have right at the start. This transparency immediately takes several questions off the table and removes the awkwardness of talking about your STD during the dating process.

STD dating sites are part support groups but mainly a forum for those infected with STDs to meet similar people - those who are non-judgmental and understand your predicament only too well. As most STD singles may not have come out to their friends and family, these sites not only protect your privacy but also help you meet someone with whom you can talk, laugh and share a joke with and even blossom a relationship without the shadow of rejection and the stigma of an STD hanging over your head.

In this column we’ll review some of the most popular sites online for STD dating.  The sites are rated for their quality of profiles, ease of use, the add-ons – blogs, chats, forums, counselors, etc. and of course, the membership cost. While most of the STD dating sites are commercial, with a monthly membership fee, these sites offer a trial freebie that lets you get your feet wet and swim around before you take the plunge. 

A quick tip to all users: A common complaint in all STD dating sites is the occasional spam profile created by people who prey on vulnerable users who come to these sites looking for acceptance and companionship. Follow the site rules, be careful when you share private information and never reveal any financial information.  Happy surfing and here’s to finding your soul mate online!


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