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An Anonymous STD Support Community

Welcome to STDHelp.org, an STD Support Community founded on education, prevention, and communication. frustrated patient If you are concerned about the possibility of having a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), this website offers honest information about the most common STDs/Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) that millions of Americans are diagnosed with each year. Here, you can discover new ways to communicate with your doctor and your partner so that you can live a better life with an STD/STI. Know what to expect from your doctor, go to your appointment ready to ask questions so that you can receive treatment that fits your lifestyle. Instead of living a life conquered by an STD/STI, be aware of the newest and most innovative research that will give you the courage and understanding to be yourself, and live your life.

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While we are able to assist in identifying common symptoms and effects of STDs we are not a replacement for the advice of a medical professional. If you believe you may be infected please see a doctor immediately. If you are experiencing a Medical Emergency Call 911
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